Opportunities for service

menwantedHere are a few ideas for areas of practical service and training.

E M Bounds states that the world looks for better methods, but what is needed are better men.

Finding opportunities for service is not difficult. First in priority is the church prayer meeting. Any time left after that is for our local witness. Opportunities further afield spring out of that local zeal for prayer and soul-winning effort.

Ernest Shackleton’s call for men to face constant danger for earthly fame will always be a challenge to believers to attempt great things for God.

ID-10079452These missions focus on different spheres of service and are indicative of many other opportunities.

Grace Baptist Mission providing both long term and short term mission opportunity in church planting and support throughout the world
New Tribes Mission reaching the unreached millions. It is said we have the resources to reach the remaining unreached peoples of the world in this generation. We only lack missionaries.
United Beach Missions training church members during the holiday season in reaching whole families through holiday bible club activities on the beaches in England, Wales, Northern ireland, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.
Christian Answer open air teams doing a similar work to the Open Air Mission in running teams to preach in the open air sites in major towns and cities around the country. Teams run for up to a week at a time.
The Open Air Mission Teams proclaiming the Saviour through open air preaching, schools work and Bible exhibitions. Volunteers, associate missionaries and full-time supported men work independently or on teams together in earnest and winsome preaching of the gospel.
Christian Prison Resources Ministries are always looking for men and women who can assist in visiting prisons where huge opportunities for ministry to men and women and young people is urgently needed and greatly appreciated.

If you know of an unreservedly evangelical mission opportunity you would like to suggest to be included, please contact us

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