Weeks of evangellism

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A week of evangelism is a time when members of local churches can work together in a mix of literature distribution, open air preaching, tract table work and door to door visitation.

If you would like:

  • to understand the overall strategy of this type of work;
  • advice about how to gather a team locally, or from other volunteers;
  • support in organising and preparation,
    then please write to Kevin Matthews using the Contact Us page.
In most churches a team is gathered from the members and friends from other churches. A typical week would include distribution of 10,000 church brochures, visiting up to 1,000 homes, running daily open air meetings where possible, and having a book and tract table in the local shopping area. One church has run these for our ten years and now a small network of about 10 churches cooperate together including, Milnrow, Chorlton and Ramsbottom evangelical churches, Thornhill Baptist Church, Grace Baptist Church, Halifax, as well as Carcassonne Evangelical Baptist Church and other churches in both Belgium and France.