The Christian Answer

SpeakersCorner2009 (85)The Christian Answer teams operate from May to the end of August. For 3 to 7 days in different locations a team as small as 12 or as large as 90 will run open air meetings to speak to people of the Saviour. The central theme is the good news concerning the Lord Jesus.

These teams are trained in open air preaching and personal work. Any thought that open air preaching belongs to the distant past or that shouting at people in the street is their method will be quickly quashed as you join a group of serious believers who are earnest yet harmless as doves in their approach to this Biblical approach to winning souls. Those who speak other languages are needed for the many tourists in our major cities as well as the increasing number of those who live in the UK whose mother tongue is not English.

Their website and smartphone apps generate a steady stream of inquiries every month from all over the world. You book for a team through the United Beach Mission website. Their own evangelistic website is here.

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